The weaponry of the Australian army is quite cool. The Australians use not only their own manufactured rifles, but also a lot of different weapons supplied from every part of the world! They’ve got weapons from US, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and even Sweden. Unlike for instance the Russian army that only uses its own weaponry.

The first and the coolest weapon by which Australians are known is an assault rifle F88 Austeyr, a modified version of an old generation Steyr AUG. If you played Counter Strike – the classical version, then you should be already familiar with Steyr Aug, as it’s one of the most fancy-looking weapons in game.

F88 Austeyr effectively competes with the US M4A1 rifle, and likewise it could be equipped with different ironsights and scopes, night vision sensors, grenade launcher and a suppressor. The suppressor though is rarely used, because the length of the weapon is already quite big, and adding a suppressor actually makes it more awkward. The US M4A1 is much shorter rifle and it only benefits of using an additional suppressor. A suppressor can not only lower the noise ratio but also improve the weapon accuracy.

F88 Austeyr also has many different variations. Some variations are used mainly by the navy and marines, other variations used by regular soldiers and so other variations are used by Special Forces. The weapon supplies 30 bullets in one magazine, and has a pretty much fast automatic rate of fire. The magazine with its bullets actually costs more to make, when compared to M4A1, but as the Aussies are so proud with F88 being their national weapon, they would never give it up for an US equivalent.

What are the other cool weapons? Well, Aussies use M4A1 rifle too. Weird, isn’t it? Nonetheless, M4A1 is also one of the coolest rifles out there, which could be made into many different modifications. It is also my favorite weapon, and it’s quite easy to handle too.

Among others are also the H&K favorites – MP5 and USP, both great weapons that are simply irreplaceable. They also use the US grenade launchers and machine guns, so it makes them quite tough opponents when men in an open conflict. If you enroll in Australian maritime college you will also have a chance to use most of their weaponry. For details: