If you’ve ever been in a maritime college, you will understand that their studies quite differ from the typical colleges that are unrelated to marine business. The marine colleges usually concentrate on providing a practical knowledge, rather than boring you with the useless and unneeded theoretical knowledge, which after graduating you would forget of anyway.

In fact, this is a really good model of education; I just wish it was applicable not only to marine craft but also to any other courses from business to programming. This model is also beneficial for everyone. For you it is beneficial because it would save you a huge amount of time, and time is equivalent to money. For a college itself, as it could produce more graduates in a shorter period of time, simply proving itself more efficient.

What else? The marines are actually spending most of their time on different ships. These are actual ships, not boats, as some other readers may have thought. Indeed, as a future marine you will ride full-fledged navy ships – most of them of a huge size by the way – as a part of your college routine. Battleships, frigates, tactical ships, all of them are ridable.

While in college you will also have a chance to use different guns and practice their use. It’s quite useful knowledge if you are about to become a marine, isn’t it? And even if you disagree in favor of bookworm knowledge, you will have a lot of fun when it comes to studying in such colleges. Just read reviews about the Australian marine college, and you will understand.

There are also some funny things that marines are obliged to study. They relate to personal hygiene on a ship, as well the support of cleanliness and other crucial rules. Hygiene on a ship is very important though. You can’t pee and shit anywhere you wish to, because this is not a forest or a street. Even though it makes you believe that nothing would happen if you urgently shit somewhere in the corner, believe me, in the long run this could make the whole ship unusable.

At last you will have some diving sessions. If a marine cannot swim, he is not a marine. So before you graduate, they will make sure to teach you some cool tricks and get to love their fresh water basins.