Irregular bowel movement, also called as constipation, can make you seriously ill. There are millions of people around the globe who are suffering from constipation ranging from the mild one to the serious one. Constipation is the cause of several health diseases that include acidity, dizziness, vomiting discomfort and hemorrhoids. Also, it can make you irritated all day long which poses much serious consequences if you are at work. There are several medications for treating this health problem but most of them have provided temporary relief only and also the side effects. So, there is a need to opt for the natural remedies for treating this health condition. Here you can get more info on constipation remedies so that you can enjoy a happy life.

Dietary intervention for better results

One of the most common causes of constipation is the poor eating habit. Eating junk food, oily food and less nutritious food can result in constipation. So, there is a need to keep a check on your eating habits. You are required to eat green vegetables and fresh fruits every day.  There is a need to consume the veggies and fruits in the raw from. If you are uncomfortable in eating the raw veggies, you can blanch it instead of cooking. Foods that are rich in fiber should be a part of diet of people suffering from constipation. Dairy products, meat and processed food should be avoided.

Drink as much as you can

Dehydration can also be the cause of constipation hence drinking lots of water alone can help in eliminating constipation. It is said to be as the natural stool softener and helps in easing the bowel movements. It keeps the colon hydrated which enables painless stool passage. You should make sure to drink atleast 8 liters of water every day. Water should be filtered or boiled. In addition to water, you should drink fruit juices like plum juice, mixed fruit juice or prune juice. There are many people who drink tea, coffee, bear and alcohol to keep themselves hydrated which is not the right solution instead these can support constipation.

Do physical work

Exercising is a great way to make your body perfect. When you do physical work, the metabolic rate of your body is enhanced which helps in improving all the functions. As a result, your digestive system and excretory system work more effectively which is helpful in treating constipation.


Treat Stubborn Constipation In The Most Natural Way

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