Finding a roof leak

A roof leak is an emergency which can arise after melting of snow or a rain.

The chronic stagnation of moisture can cause a collapse of a ceiling or roof itself, fungus occurrence or even a short circuit in electric conducting. That is why it is necessary to pay a special attention to this kind of emergency and do everything possible for solving this problem.

The main reasons of leakages are defects of a roofing system, failure of a drain system, moistening of a heat-insulating layer and violation of covering tightness, which adjacent the vertical designs (parapets, antennas, pipes, walls ext). Such damages can differ on scale. Respectively one will demand a smaller repair. Others will require interventions of experts and more difficult actions, up to replacement of a roof. Irrespective of the scope of damages, it is better to enlist with help of sloping and flat roof repair companies, Baltimore. It will guarantee that roofing system of your house or facility will be in proper state.

All arising leakages can be divided into 3 classes:

  • “flickering” (formed during any season when substantial temperature differences);
  • connected with the melting of the snow;
  • which occurs at once or later a few time after the rain.

For high-quality elimination of a roof leak, it is necessary to trace a problem, i.e. to understand what element of a roof has ceased functioning.

The main causes of roof leak:

  • moistening of a heat-insulation layer seen in violation of technology;
  • not effective work of rainwater system;
  • mechanical damages of roof integrity or frame of a roof;
  • violation of installation technology;
  • the impact of biological and atmospheric factors which lead to its natural destruction;
  • low-quality fixture and roofing material.

Primarily it is necessary to examine a roof. If the leak is not really considerable, then you may test the roof by yourself. For a start, it is necessary to go upstairs and check a condition of a waterproofing regarding a mold, decayed, damp places, rafters, floor and flooring. For example, moisture can decolour a covering or leave dark marks on wooden materials.

The next subject to survey is the electric conducting lay on an attic. In case of any damages, you should eliminate them immediately.

After you have checked a roof from within, start an external examination. Examine the skate regarding a waterproofing and integrity of his elements. Pay special attention to fastenings of aprons from metal in a roof adjunction zone to vertical designs and a condition of isolation.

If external survey has not found any damages, but the leakage proceeds, it is necessary to wait for rainfall, to find the place of leak and to note it with chalk.