Why is sauna so good for female health?

In comparison with the traditional Russian bath that demanding good health and a certain habit, the female body undergoes a sauna much easier and its therapeutic effect is greater. Besides, a sauna perfectly clears skin, removes slags, takes off fatigue, strengthens a metabolism and has a set of big and small advantages. Another thing is that all aforementioned can be received only if correctly behave in a sauna and observe a certain mode. Otherwise, there is high risk of unpleasant result. As you understand it is an important matter so we will talk about it in this article. By the way, it is possible to buy infrared sauna and install it at your home. Find out more information at Sauna Suite.

There are several preliminary measures, which should be taken before the beginning of the procedure. Therefore, the taking of sauna begins long before you open a steam room door. It is necessary to prepare correctly. Everything is important here: a sheet and a towel, indispensable personal bathing sandals and a hat for hair. Besides, it is necessary to prepare beauty “elements” in advance, depending on what you will do. It can be masks, scrubs, nutritious creams. Do not forget that in a sauna a lot of water comes out of yours body. Prepare clear water, green tea, herbs, berries or fruit decoctions.

Going further. Just before entering a steam room, it is necessary to take a shower. However, do not use detergents and do not wet the head. Just be rinsed by warm water. After that, expert advice to take a towel and carefully wipe the heat approached a body. Then put on a bath hat, come into a steam room and sit down (you lay down) on the lower shelve. Even if it is not especially hot, the organism needs to give time to be adjusted. The effect of gradual heating is always higher than from the shock attack by hot air (due top which skin closes shortly).

In general, the first visit to a steam room (even if you feel well) should not exceed 5-10 minutes. Then take a cool shower or go to the pool. By the way, the pool is an important element in a good sauna. It helps to wash away sweat, warm up muscles, throw out them from unnecessary acid, and strengthen a metabolism.

Speaking about a rest. It is necessary to have a rest not less than 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, the body would not cool down. Then the procedure becomes more effective. It is a good idea to have a cup of water or tea during this time. Sauna is the vacation spot, a place for relaxations. And do not waste your time. Just relax.