How Chefs Are Using Instagram

Every one of us loves a good meal and that is why chefs play a very important role in today’s society where people are becoming more conscious about foods. Even though cooking techniques vary from one region to the other, there are some that are outstanding and acceptable all over the world. In the past, chefs were using TVs to demonstrate their cooking techniques but now they are moving online. The following are ways through which chefs are using Instagram

Sell courses

If you are good at what you do, then there will be people who will be interested in learning how you do your stuff and come up with amazing results. The pricing bit will be up to you but just ensure that you check what other professionals are charging for similar services. Draft your courses in a manner that people will understand and take them through each step without assuming that some steps are obvious. You can draft courses for beginners, intermediates and professionals to make the learning experience swift for all those that are interested.

Promote your products

There might be people looking for someone like you but they are yet to get one. Let us say for instance you bake cakes, people hold birthdays and anniversaries all year round and it can be a good chance to sell your products to them. You can also do outside catering for people within your region and make Instagram your core marketing platform. You can take photos or record short videos while you are working as people want graphics that they can relate to. Tag your current and past customers in your posts as this adds social proof of your services and satisfaction.

Hunt for sponsors

It feels good when you get paid doing what you love. Cooking is one of those areas that have a lot of sponsors who are always looking for people to promote their brands. You need to prove that you are good at cooking for you to get such types of deals. Some will foot all the expenses when it comes to recording clips, taking photos and facilitating the cooking experience. The pay will depend on the agreement that you have with the sponsors.

For you to make an impact on Instagram as a chef, you need a huge following and good level of engagement. You can check Best Instagram Bot Reviews > SWS Magazine that can help you get more followers and increase engagement.