Foods Not Allowed in Space

The journey of cosmonauts began in 1961 when the Russian cosmonaut took the first flight into space. Since then, we have seen many astronauts take to space in a variety of missions, some staying in space for even a year. But there is a lot that happens out in space, and you need to understand much about it. Today we look at the foods that you can take and those that you cannot take while in outer space.


Since the first man went to orbit, bread has been avoided at all costs. This is because bread comes with a structure and a shelf life that isn’t compatible with the needs for space. Instead of bread, astronauts go for tortillas as the best alternative.

The main issue here is the crumbs that don’t work so well in space. These float around and can get into the eyes of the cosmonaut and interfere with important equipment as well.


Although Russian space explorers have been able to take limited quantities of alcohol while in space, most NASA astronauts aren’t allowed to do so.


The carbonation in beverages such as soda act differently when in space as compared to earth. Due to this, the carbon dioxide bubbles, which are supposed to be released from the liquid, tend to remain in it. This can lead to indigestion and discomfort in the astronauts.

So, if you are always dreaming of taking your favourite can of soda when you become an astronaut, then you will be very disappointed. Your can of Sprite and Coca Cola remain on the ground where they belong.


Pepper, as well as other granular spices and seasoning, can make a huge mess when exposed to minimum gravity. This made it prudent for NASA to come up with alternatives, which in this case were liquids.

Rather than land on the food that you sprinkle the particles on, it just floats in space.

Fresh Milk

Fresh milk is not allowed in space because it takes up a lot of space and requires refrigeration. Instead, you can take up the dehydrated type that doesn’t require refrigeration at all.

In Closing

Going on a space mission is the dream of millions of people across the world, but only a few make it to the list. Due to the needs of the mission and the technicalities involved, you cannot just go with anything to outer space. For other issues, you can learn more via this post.

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