How many friends from your childhood do you still keep in touch with up to date? Or let me make it simpler, how many friends that you met ten years still talk to you frequently? I can bet they are very few. As time goes by, people do change as well,and these are things you do not have any control over. However, there may be those friends that you cannot afford to lose. Those that have been with you through thin and thick. Friendship needs watering just as you do to plants. Follow these tips to maintain a strong bond with your friends.

Spend time together

The bond between you and your friends will always become stronger when you spend quality time together. You can go on a vacation or even spend some quality time at home. Take for instance when you share a drink while relaxing at your inflatable hot tub maybe once per month. You can share childhood stories, your future dreams or even catch the latest movie while still having a good time. As Residence Style illustrates, sharing a bathtub with friends will bring them even closer which is essential for your relationship.

Be yourself while in their presence

If you find yourself trying to hide some of your flaws while in the presence of other people, then those are not your friends as you perceive. A friend is someone who knows both the good and dark side of you but still loves you for who you are. You have shared both good and bad moments in the past,and that has not hurt your relationship in any way. A friend is a person who will correct you when you are wrong instead of ridicule. Celebrate the small winnings of your friends and also help them get back on their feet when they fail.

Understand each other at a personal level

You may have imaginations on how your friend should behave and then there is the reality. You have to understand the personalities of those close to you and learn how to interact with them. Do not be too quick to rebuke when you feel that a friend is doing something you do not like. Take your time and understand his or her actions before you utter a word. Offer a shoulder to lean on and also listen when they lament before you offer solutions that will last.


How To Strengthen The Bond With Your Friends

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