Most smartphone users have the Instagram application on their devices even though most use it for socializing purposes. If you are a business owner and your business is not on Instagram, then you are missing out a lot. You can use this cool app for socializing with your potential customers and also as a marketing tool.

There are two types of Instagram profiles. The first is a personal account while the other is a business profile. The latter gives you the power to market your business with ease. It even gets better when you automate some of the functions. Automation is like putting your social media management functions on autopilot, and you can thus concentrate on other business functions. You need to know the following before you select an Instagram Bot

Human interaction is important

You cannot expect the bot to replace you entirely when it comes to usage of Instagram. You still have to dedicate time and craft posts that will connect with people. Your followers need someone with empathy and who applies human judgment in some cases, and an automation tool will never achieve such goals. You thus have to keep on checking on the interaction levels on your profile and jump in whenever human interaction is needed. Your followers are intelligent and can tell when they are interacting with a bot and when there is a human soul on the other side.

You need a plan

You cannot assume that an automation tool will take care of everything and deliver results unless you have a strategy. A good plan will indicate the nature of content that you will share and when you will do it. Such a plan will also indicate how you intend to grow your account and also include the numbers. For instance, you can aim at getting 1000 followers in a week.

You need the right automation tool

The end goal that you have should guide you when you are searching for a bot. You may be looking for one that will help you get more engagement on your account while another person wants to boost the number of followers. You have to understand your needs for you to land on the best service. You also need to check the reviews of the automation tools such as these at if you need expert advice. Analyze the features of every tool against the charges of the service.

What You Need To Know About Instagram Automation

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