Instagram can be a somehow a mystery for business owners. This comes with the notion that Instagram is only for those who are famous and mostly involved in the entertainment industry, however, this is not true. The success in Instagram and especially when it comes to marketing has to do a lot with the strategies that you employ. Here are strategies that you can use to see the growth of your Instagram followers and viewers especially if you are marketing a product or service.

    1. Use hashtags to drive traffic

Hashtags make your posts to remain visible and relevant for a long time.  They help to push discussions on certain matters. You may find yourself using loads of hashtags which makes your posts look scrambled. Do not worry because The Small Business Blog has a guide on how to hide some and make your posts attractive.

    1. Automation of the pages

As a beginner, the activities on Instagram might draw your attention to extreme levels. As the traffic grows, you may end up wanting to spend more and more time which may compromise the main activities. A solution to this is the use automation tools. They simplify the work for you and all that you have to do is analyze the data collected after some duration of time and make deductions and adjustments.

    1. Make posts of pictures and videos that are captivating

This platform is more of an entertainment site. Therefore, for the page to attract more views and followers ensure the images you posts made are attractive enough. Whenever this is done, the audience is eager to know more and more about the products that are being marketed.

    1. Ensure consistency in the posts that you make

Making a significant post once is not enough. It will require that the same be done on a continuous base. Whenever there is a break in the posting frequency, the pace that had been achieved is lost, the viewers end up scattering and you have to go through the process all over.

    1. Posting content related to what is being marketed

It is not all about getting the followers for a marketer, it is more of getting the targeted buyers of your product or services. Hence post content that directly relates to the brand that you intend to sell to the potential buyers. This will pull an audience that will not just follow rather they will be the buyers of your products and services.

Instagram Marketing Strategies For A Beginner

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