If you’re one of those people who still has a retro console around, you may have been the recipient of many puzzled looks and exasperated sighs after having shown it to someone. The younger ones introduced to the odd-looking and alien Atari or NES systems would probably laugh. But you know better. You know where video games come from.

It’s for those who don’t have any understanding or appreciation of classic gaming systems that this article is for. You’ll find more such motivation on utterspokenword.com . Why would anyone bother playing on a system that is outdated, in terms of gameplay input, graphics and every other measure possible?

You Can Show It to The Kids

Watch children be amazed, and have a lot of fun, when they first boot up the NES and play the ultra-hard original Super Mario. Used to modern graphical fidelity and flashy effects, they should either react in amazement or frustration to the expertly designed gameplay of the games of old. In those days, it was essential to nail the gameplay, because that was what it was all about.

You’ll See How Far Technology Has Come

The oldest systems had a pitiful number of pixels to work with. Today, we’ve got virtual reality and photo-realistic characters. Nowhere is the rapid progression of technology more clearly apparent than in that of video games, which makes use of multiple fields of study in order to produce its content. Soon, we may not even be able to tell our world from a virtual one.

You’ll Actually Be Challenged

Retro games are hard. In fact, they’re so difficult that there is now a whole genre of video games that focus on offering retro-era levels of difficulty. The oldies put your skills to the test and one stupid moment of inattentiveness could mean dozens of hours lost. It was the ultimate joy, and frustration, of children of the 80s to suffer such victories and defeats side by side with their friends.

You’ll Experience Some of Your Childhood

This is a sentimental one, but as any adult gamer will tell you, the most motivational. Some of these games, like one’s favourite music or film, influenced people greatly. The nostalgia in replaying a forgotten level of a game, a level over which many hours have been spent, can be as inspiring as rewatching a favorite scene from a favorite film.

What are your waiting for? Dust the old console or get a new one!

Why Play Retro Games?

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