Fabrication is an important industrial function which is used for joining or cutting two or more metal pieces. One of the most important equipment that is useful in the fabrication process is a plasma cutter.  Without plasma cutters, it is very difficult to accomplish precise metal work. Plasma cutter has a wide range of applications. It is used in the installation of HVAC device, plumbing repair, cutting various shapes of metal, removing metal sheets and much more. By learning the most appropriate use of plasma cutter, it is now very easy to do a large number of works. In the modern industries, plasma cutters are integrated with Computer Numerically Controlled machines in order to control the cutting process and get the most précise cuts.

Choose the best design of plasma cutters

Various models of plasma cutters are available in different sizes. You are needed to choose the right one according to your need. Usually, a large sized plasma cutter is suitable for industrial use while the small sized plasma cutter is a handheld device. It is used for mobile metal working and repair work.  There are many websites on which you can learn more about the different models of plasma cutters.

Working of plasma cutters

Plasma cutters work by allowing the pressurized gas to pass through a small channel.  At the center of the channel, a negatively charged electrode is installed.  This enables the formation of a complete circuit when the tip of the nozzle of the plasma cutter is touched to the metal surface.  Spark is created between metal and electrode. When the gas is passed through this small channel, it gets heated up and turns into the fourth state of matter which is called as plasma. A large amount of heat with bright light is generated which helps in melting the surface of metal to cut it into various shapes. Materials which have high thermal conductivity and good oxidation are cut with maximum accuracy and preciseness by plasma cutters.

Use plasma cutter safely

The plasma cutter can cause serious harm to you if you do not follow the instructions or safety measures to use this appliance for metal work. Some of the great tips which are helpful in making plasma cutters as the safe equipment are:

  • Ø Plasma arc is created with the help of pressurized air. So, there is a need of compressor popular platform that is capable of adjusting the pressure of the air.
  • Ø Wear right type of clothing or safety gear while using plasma cutters for metal work. This prevents your body from any kind of harm.
  • Ø Plasma arc produces UV rays and infrared rays that can cause serious harm to your skin and eyes. So, make sure that while using the plasma cutters you wear high-quality sunglasses or welding helmets.

By following the safety measures, you will be able to safely perform your metal work job.

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