Artificial Lawn- Available In A Range Of Types To Suit Your Needs

Artificial lawn is always intended to offer the look of natural or original grass.  However, various materials are utilized in order to make such turf. These materials affect the durability and performance.  Softer substances usually give better look, and they can also work as real grass. Based on the materials and many other aspects, the artificial lawns may be categorized in a variety of ways.

Polyethylene– This is used for making the non-natural grass because it can give a texture, which is very soft. Besides, it may also offer a natural appearance, while you are creating a landscape in residential area.  You can also use on the football playground. However, the polyethylene must be of good quality. Hire artificial grass installers in Hertfordshire to help you in choosing the best materials.

Polypropylene– The synthetic turf, which is made of polypropylene, does not cost high, and that is why many of the homeowners like to buy this kind of grass. But, there is one disadvantage in this type of non-natural grass because the melting point of this material is very low. Besides, it also becomes deteriorated very easily.

Nylon– This is one of the sturdiest materials, which may be used for manufacturing the artificial lawn. This lawn is able to endure a very heavy weight and extreme temperature. Thus, it has the power to sustain the original look and shape. If you like to have a green environment around your house, then you can choose this lawn. However, in some landscaping projects, it is not preferred due to the rigidity and cost of the artificial grass.

Pet lawn – Artificial grass, which is applied in commercial or residential areas, must possess two major traits- one is the outstanding antimicrobial element, while the other is the drainage system. Good draining helps in the flow of any animal’s urine. This waste product will not stay accumulated on your lawn. On the other hand, the antimicrobial features help in destroying microorganisms and defuse the bad smells, which have been caused due to the pet’s feces.

Playground lawn – Thick artificial turf can be the most preferred option to be chosen for any playing field. While this is applied with some extraordinary padding, the synthetic grass may present lots of benefits.

So, these are some major kinds of non-natural grasses, and you can try to buy them, as per your need.