Have A Look At Different Plasma Cutting Techniques

Plasma cutter is one of the most common tools widely used in most of the industries out there right from automobile to aerospace. In simple terms, it is a powerful torch that uses both inert gas as well as electrical current to cut metals precisely as well as neatly. Plasma cutters have gained a lot of popularity across the globe and they are replacing the retro tools which were used for slashing metal. To know more about different types of plasma cutters, just hit pointer at CutsLikeButter.

If you are looking for a plasma cutter, then you need to find a cutter that has properties like durability, fast, accurate, stable, easy to use and cost-friendly. While selecting a cutter, remember that all the cutters are not same in quality and features. Mechanized and manual are the two popular cutting systems that are widely used in various metal cutting applications.

Manual Plasma cutting

This cutting system is usually used in small factories and workshops, such as local iron welding shops, motor garages etc. In this system, there is a use of less powerful hand-held plasma torch for smashing different kinds of metals. The best part is that this system is versatile and maneuverable and can be easily used in any metal cutting application. Manual Plasma cutting system’s power supply depends on the surface of metal. If the surface is hard then more power supply is needed otherwise less is sufficient. As, used in local shops and small factories, therefore, most of the manual plasma cutters are designed in such a way that they can be easily used in any incoming voltage. Most of the manual plasma cutters out there can be easily operated in voltage ranging between 120 to 600 Volts.

Mechanized plasma cutting

It is one of the most advanced plasma cutting systems widely used in big enterprises, industries and factories. Mechanized plasma cutting systems are much larger and heavier than manual plasma cutting systems and come with downdraft or water table, cutting tables, along with a gantry system which operates on several motors as well as drivers. The best part is that it is based on torch height control and CNC mechanisms.

Overall, mechanized plasma cutting system is used in such metal cutting applications where both accuracy and smooth cut is required at the same instance. Few industries where this system is popularly used are aerospace industry, automobile factories etc.