Log Splitters – Know All Options to Say Goodbye to Axe Cutting

Are you planning to do a do it yourself project using logs of wood or do you need to cut firewood for your home? Depending upon your needs, you should buy the right log splitter. To buy the right log splitter you should know about the different types available in the market.

Splitting wood with an axe is really a good workout for your arms but it becomes a strenuous job when you get older. To make log cutting easier, you can visit Splitting Wood and you have to buy one of the following types.

Types of log splitters

  1. Manual log splitter – Splitting wood with this type of splitter is easier than cutting with axe, but it does require a little man power. They are usually light in weight and easy to use, carry and store. This portable splitter is the right option, if you don’t have loads of wood to cut.
  2. Electric log splitter – This is the best option if you are planning for an indoor project. Log splitters that run on gas release fumes which are not safe for indoor use. This is a money saving because the price of gas and diesel is soaring higher and higher. It is not suitable for heavy cutting but is the perfect option for moderate use in homes.
  3. Gas log splitter – An electric splitter is tied to an electric outlet. So your mobility is restricted. Gas log splitters are more mobile. They are hefty and powerful and are useful to cut all types of logs. You should make sure that you use it in ventilated places because it releases fumes.
  4. Hydraulic log splitters – They are large and powerful. They can be either gas splitter or electric splitter. It has a motor that drives the piston of the splitter. It is the piston that splits wood. This is the best option for cutting lots of wood.
  5. Vertical or horizontal – Most of the splitters have the option of switching over to vertical or horizontal. Vertical splitters are used for splitting heavy logs that cannot be lifted. Horizontal logs are useful when you want to split a lot of logs.

Say goodbye to tiresome axe cutting with log splitters.